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Trust in us.

At Glutwell, we care about business, we care about you and we care about the environment.

Being a leader in food byproduct re-engineering and distribution comes with its fair share of responsibilities and here at Glutwell we endeavour to give back as much as we can give.

Although we are newcomers to the global goods market we are looking up to other multi-nationals with outstanding records to follow in their footsteps and make this world, a better, cleaner and in our case, tastier place to be.

We have to that end opened the first fast food restaurant in the arctic circle, running on locally sourced gas, providing quality Splum products to a population that has historically struggled with food during the winter periods.

It is but a small step but we like to think that we can reach anyone, anywhere on the planet and make them come together over a scrumptious Splum meal in our famed chain of Splum restaurants or Splum-2-Go takeaway distribution units.


Glutwell is a sustainable company. We deliver products and environmental solutions that support people all around the world.
A few of the services that we currently offer are: Business Solutions, Trade Services, Technology Development, and Food production.